North Miami Beach Emergency Restoration - Fire Damage Restoration


Fire breakout can be a devastating event which leaves behind nothing! After the fire-fighters are done with their job, the impact of flames and water cannons used to fight them can tear down your possessions. The impact could be more severe for businesses as critical records and important assets might be partly or completely damaged as fire burns anything that comes its way. Not just fire, but the resultant smoke left behind can also impact the belongings that were otherwise not affected. There’s also an odor left behind that persists for what may seem like an eternity. Do not worry; help is just a call away! Call 786-361-3944 and North Miami Beach Emergency Restoration will assist you in recovering from the traumatic event and salvage what we can.

The extent of damage inflicted:

The extent of damage may vary depending upon the promptness of action taken to address the fire. If the fire is extinguished completely in the nascent stage, the damage inflicted is minimal otherwise the it may be enormous. The effects of fire damage may be several, such as:

1.Burnt possessions:

The exquisite painting that has been increasing the appeal of your wall, an important contractual document, the souvenir you bought back from your last trip or the latest gadget you purchased; a fire can burn all of these and cause emotional havoc.

Our solutions:North Miami Beach Emergency Restoration North Miami Beach, FL 786-361-3944

  • First and foremost, we reclaim all items possible
  • Take out items that are completely burnt
  • Identify and work on damage
  • Refurbish your property
  • Substitute burnt possessions
  • Restore property to pre-damage state or even better

2.Odors and soot

The soot that comes along with the fire can spread out over other items and penetrate into objects it comes into contact with. Soot and smoke are also the primary reason of odors that can stay behind even when the burnt possessions are taken out and the walls are redecorated.

Our solutions:

  • Clean up the soot
  • Use specialized air movers to purify air
  • Use special chemicals to clean the possessions
  • Freshen up the interiors
  • Restoring soot-ridden possessions

3.Water damage

Water is used with high pressure to douse fire, and it still remains once the fire has been put out. In addition, a fire can cause pipes to burst or corrode that can lead to leaks. North Miami Beach Emergency Restoration works at thoroughly mitigating any water damage in the affected area.

Our solutions:

  • Detecting any source of leakage
  • Pumping out stagnant water
  • Fixing leaks
  • Removal of mold
  • Drying up of wet floors and objects
  • Leaving your property clean and dry

Trust us, we’re available 24/7

Any delay in remediation can increase the damage manifold and this is why we provide services in North Miami Beach, FL area, round-the-clock. We only provide the best services and work towards restoring your property to its pre-damage state as quickly as possible.

Is your property damaged by water? Call us on 786-361-3944 and let us help you out!