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Miami-Dade County, the southern county on the mainland of Florida, has quite an interesting history to share. Where tall skyscrapers and sophisticated urban enclaves now stand, there used to be a marshy swamp – a region that was deemed uninhabitable. With Flagler’s extension of the railways in 1896 came a new revolution. The optimal climate, scenic beauty and the abundance of food sources, attracted settlers from all over. After that, there was just no looking back. Progress swept the land, making it one of the leading international centers for trade, tourism and commerce.

Catastrophes of all scales:

Miami-Dade County, despite its glitzy and glamorous persona, has been fighting an uphill battle for long. Lying in the low-lying disaster-prone Florida, the region is susceptible to severe destruction in the event of disasters, both natural and otherwise.

  • When nature unleashes its fury: In the year 1992 Hurricane Andrew struck the region and with it, it took a piece of the region’s spirit. However, the county did manage to resurrect itself from the ashes of the destruction. The recent Hurricane Irma in 2017 seemed like a recurrence and despite the measures employed, such as the heavy-duty pumps and stricter building codes, the after-effects could only be mitigated to a certain extent.
  • When to err is human: While natural disasters are commonplace in Miami-Dade County, the region is no stranger to manmade disasters either as highlighted by the brush fire in May 2017 that burnt down over 1000 acres in the County. There was yet another incident wherein unchecked sewage pipe lines started leaking, contaminating its water sources, which was only fixed a year after its identification.

Who can you count on?

North Miami Beach Emergency Restoration is a premier damage restoration company in Miami-Dade County. We believe that timely remediation and restoration services can help restore your property to its original shape. Our team of seasoned professionals has been helping property owners for decades now. Our 24/7 helpline 786-361-3944 is available to heed your distress calls and impart timely water and fire damage restoration services to the residents of the county.

What we do?

North Miami Beach Emergency Restoration North Miami Beach, FL 786-361-3944Our highly skilled workforce comprising cross-functional teams of engineers, plumbers, masons and other construction workers utilize high-grade equipment to renovate your damaged property to its original self or give it a new look.

The services that we undertake in Miami-Dade County are as follows.

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Flood/water damage restoration:We reconstruct or renovate your residential or commercial property post the aftermath of a flood or fire calamity. We first clean, decontaminate and deodorize your property before we start rebuilding highly damaged sections brick-by-brick.

Fire damage restoration: When your local fire department douses the accidental fire that occurred, you need an extra pair of hands to clean the soot, remove the charred furniture and other assets from your property, and renovate the building perhaps from scratch. We at North Miami Beach Emergency Restoration can help you deal effectively with such challenges.

Biohazards: Mold can cause respiratory illnesses in children, elders and pets. The musty odor makes your interiors feel nasty and sick, and often makes your home/office uninhabitable. Our mold remediation services help eradicate the presence of mold from your property and leaves your property smelling fresh and new.

Water leak detection:An undetected leaky faucet or a drain pipe can easily lead to flooding of your property in no time. If you suspect a leak, simply call us! Our experts with their technologically advanced equipment can easily detect the source of the leak and immediately fix it.

To receive help on fixing your property or assets after a flood or fire calamity, call us at 786-361-3944.