North Miami Beach


Usually the unexpected magic rises from places you never imagine. Captain William H. Fulford saw a land filled with marshes and mangroves, and he envisioned a city that would have unimaginable potential. Soon the railways arrived in the region which set the wheels of rapid change in motion. From being a place where no inhabitant was present, things took a major turn and it went on to become the home to thousands. Its scenic beaches, cultural mix, ambient climate and alluring history prove to be a major draw for locals and visitors alike.

The hurricane of 1926

Just when the development had hit its peak and it seemed that North Miami Beach had the potential to grow into the ‘perfect city’, everything screeched to a grinding halt when the 1926 hurricane struck the land. The roads were wrecked, buildings were reduced to debris and the real estate took a turn for the worst. It was only later that the city could put its pieces back together to get back on the road to progress.

Today’s North Miami Beach

North Miami Beach consists of a diverse yet cohesive community where history, culture, art and nature are preserved to provide the right balance of everything. The 1926 disaster provided that even after being reduced to nothing the residents here had the power to recover. Storms and hurricanes do not affect the city as much now as it did with the city being better prepared than ever. North Miami Beach stood considerably strong and steadfast even after hurricane Irene and Katrina. While the losses had been massive, yet it managed to recover efficiently.

Rising above and beyond

South Florida is a risky place to live in. Yet the beauty here and the diverse culture always outdo every other negative aspect. Flooding, storms, and hurricanes are a part of Florida just as much every beautiful element is, which is why North Miami Beach is always prepared. Over the years, damage restoration companies like North Miami Beach Emergency Restoration have mastered disaster and damage mitigation, and we do this by ensuring two things: Keeping our services affordable and getting to the site as quick as possible after the occurrence.

Services provided:

North Miami Beach Emergency Restoration North Miami Beach, FL 786-361-3944

  • Emergency services during floods and hurricane
  • Water or fire damage restoration
  • Building remodeling
  • Complete clean up and decontamination
  • Water leaks detection
  • Flooring, roofing, painting and carpeting services
  • Restoration of heirlooms, furniture etc.

What sets North Miami Beach Emergency Restoration apart?

  • We will reach you within 30 minutes after calling us on 786-361-3944.
  • Our services are affordable
  • We respond to your calls and queries immediately
  • We’re experienced in this field and have been practicing in the locality for years.
  • We provide our services with state-of-the-art tools
  • We can restore your property to pre-loss condition
  • We’ve worked along with the resident during floods in the past

Our service extends to the following zip codes:

33160, 33161, 33162, 33169, 33179, 33180, 33181, 33261

Keep our number 786-361-3944 on your speed dial, and call us quick when you require our services!